One of the most memorable and fun weddings I have ever been to in Ontario, Jill and Keith's beautiful wedding had a Maritime charm to it, despite taking place on the bank of Lake Huron. Gathered around the water at Keith's parent's home, the families from Ontario and New Brunswick came together. The night before the wedding, the traditional 'rehearsal' dinner to meet and greet everyone took place under the night sky. Delicious roasted corn and pickled asparagus the bride's family had prepared back home, was particularly memorable.

Leading up to the wedding, there were other notable details that the bride had chosen to include. One of my favourites, a modern-spin on the tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom- a symbol of fertility and abundance,  she opted instead for a more seasonal, sustainable and aromatic option of lavender buds. Hidden in carefully dyed matching lavender egg-shell halves, lavender buds were carefully placed in these and handed out to the guests as they arrived to the wedding. 

Another something blue, the bride invited everyone who had come early to help out, to a blueberry farm nearbye, where we saw incredible solar panels at work and tasted exquisite blueberry frozen yoghurt. "Ontario, yours to discover" is possibly the most adequate license plate saying ever!!! Following that adventure, the girls went to get their nails done and then back to the house for family dinner. I think being included (adopted!) into such a big but close family for a weekend, was perhaps the nicest feeling!

Including everyone in the fun  leading up to the big day, beautiful bouquets of local, seasonal flowers were the responsiblity of the mothers and aunts to prepare, and these turned out so elegantly. Luscious bouquets of seasonal arrangements decorated the tables and the colours were gorgeous. 

On the day of the actual wedding, the day was picture perfect. Sunny with nary a cloud in the sky, the bride and her party got their hair done in a salon, where I also did their makeup. The ceremony took place under a giant old willow tree at the foot of the water, and then dinner and dancing and of course, fireworks over the water followed! Not a detail was left out, including a giant trampoline next door, which this makeup artist tried! God I love destination weddings! 

Before riding back to the airport, a lazy day at the lake was shared with everyone and when breakfast rolled around the next day, we were all so sad to leave. The ride back to the airport in Windsor from Detroit was cheerful, as spending any amount of time with maritimers in tight quarters is bound to be, I'm convinced! We split our ribs laughing and the joie de vivre was palpable. I'd do it all over again (for another couple!) anytime!

Wishing these two many more happy occasions to celebrate and truly honoured to have been a part of their big day and the week leading up to it! With gratitude and lots of love! -Maya

Maya Goldenberg