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Toronto based makeup artist Maya Goldenberg, finds value in helping people look their best and feel great about it. Making healthy beauty accessible for all, Maya has brought her ethos of eco-beauty, along with some amazing non-toxic skincare and makeup to many weddings, sets, red-carpets and fashion-forward events, in the GTA and abroad.

Photo courtesy of Whitney Heard. 

Photo courtesy of Whitney Heard. 

Maya specializes in all natural, eco-friendly skincare and makeup.  Along with her keen understanding of light, colour and form, she is constantly dedicated to carefully researching cutting edge, organic skincare, and all-natural hair and makeup products, to bring the best of the vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, green beauty to her discerning clients.

She cares about what goes on your face and hair, and thinks you can experience luxury without compromising your values for everything from the mundane moments of every day, to important milestones. She proudly stocks Canadian brands Kavana (skincare) and Sappho New Paradigm to offer her clients a continued green-beauty experience.

Her attention to detail and easygoing demeanor, have made everyone from CEO's to celebrities, brides, actresses and models, comfortable in her chair on set or behind the scenes, for over 15 years.  Her humour, informed creative vision and keen desire to help people put their best face forward naturally, have also made her recurring private and group makeup lessons and workshops, a fun and unique experience. Maya loves collaborating with others to bring more beauty into being.

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"Maya is an extraordinary makeup artist who has become a dear friend. Each time she does my makeup for an event, I'm amazed by her creativity and talent. Whether we are going for a bold look or something classic, I always feel beautiful in the end. It doesn't hurt that she has the perfect personality to calm my nerves before an event, if necessary! She's truly one of the best and loveliest makeup artists around!"

/ Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre /

Davina and her gorgeous bridal party in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. All makeup and hair by Maya Goldenberg, Eco-Beauty Professional.

Davina and her gorgeous bridal party in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. All makeup and hair by Maya Goldenberg, Eco-Beauty Professional.

"As a wedding photographer I know the importance of placing your trust in the hands of professionals on your wedding day - and that's why I just could not imagine my wedding without Maya there to help me look my best! Bringing her to Mexico with me is a decision I am so glad I made. I felt confident and beautiful... and that feeling is just priceless!"

/  DAVINA PALIK Award Winning Wedding Photographer of Davina+daniel  /