Anju was the maid-of honour of another bride whose hair and makeup I had the honour of doing the year before and she got in touch when it was her turn. Asking for a soft, natural bridal makeup and not the traditionally Indian, bridal, makeup with bright colours, I chose to go with softer versions of the traditional red and gold and opted instead for a rose-gold with a peachy gold to hilight and warm shades of dark brown, that are softer on a brunette than black.

Matching this modern makeup look with a classic low chignon, this subtle and elegant look perfectly complimented Anju's naturally regal and understated style. I had so much fun doing her bridal party's makeup and creating different looks for everyone. (You may check those photos out in the before and after section.)

Anju's lipstick is the perfect shade of bridal pink: not too light, not too dark and most importantly, it looks good on many women of varying skin tones. I was so inspired by Anju's wearing it that I created a lipstick just like it, but without any of the toxic stuff and called it..."Anju".  I'm working on more all natural and non-toxic lipsticks, so that my brides and their grooms, can look their best, kiss their best and feel great about it! Stay tuned for more about that over on Instagram  @Kavanaskincare.

All makeup by Maya Goldenberg, hair by Mel Noelle for Maya Goldenberg, Eco-Beauty Professional.