It's always a treat to be reunited with families whom we've met before, to celebrate the marriage of another one of their children's weddings, and this was no exception. It's the ultimate compliment to be called back to share in such an important milestone of someone's life,  and having done Maria's wedding in Niagara a few years before, we had met Isabel her twin sister, whose turn it was to tie the knot this time. I was thrilled to see them all again for such a joyful occasion! 

The University Club in downtown Toronto was the most gorgeous setting for this downtown wedding with a very classic and glamorous feel. Getting everyone ready in the first floor salon, which was filled with natural light, we had plenty of room and such a fun morning together!

Here are some of my favourite photos of this happy couple's special day!

isabel-riad-550 4.jpg
isabel-riad-75 copy 2.jpg
isabel-riad-81 (1).jpg
isabel-riad-89 copy 4.jpg
isabel-riad-137 3.jpg
isabel-riad-158 3.jpg
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