As a Toronto makeup artist, I get to meet and collaborate with a broad spectrum of people from all over the world! For this particular project for the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association, I got to meet those who will be directly and negatively affected by Ford’s cuts to education, namely students, teachers and parents.

It was an honour to have spent a small part of the coldest winter months, collaborating with Pilot PMR on this important project courageously produced by OECTA and it’s members, to remind the Ford gvt. that cuts to education benefit no one, harm everyone in the short and long term, especially children, parents, and society at large.

My usual interactions are with artists, photographers, designers, models, musicians, actors, CEO’s and gliteratti/creative types, so it was so refreshing to step back into a school system and see a real ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘making-of’ future creative leaders in action!

I was wowed by the young students and teens in the schools we went to, whose incredible art lining the walls, seemed as good a testament as any to the level of eduction they receive. The parents and teachers we met, whose dedication and passion for teaching and raising educated and well rounded kids, was also evident and enthusiastic, a reminder of the noble work they do.

It is my hope that this campaign helps people realize that education, is a key pillar of a successful society. It’s importance and proper implementtion, must never be undermined by fiscally shortsighted, irresponsible, uneducated, careless, blundering and pandering politician(s). (I’ll tell you how I really feel some other time! ;)

Here are some of my favourite photos from the campaign by photographer Sandy Nicholson. All parent and teachers makeup and grooming by me.

To read more about the campaign or watch more great videos like the one below by Greg Majster and his team, please visit and share on your social feeds using the #knowmore , to help bring more awareness to this important cause. Thanks!

OECTA campaign
OECTA Campaign