It was a beautiful late summer day in downtown Toronto for Megan and Paul's wedding. 

Megan decided to get ready at her and Paul's home in Little Portugal, and with a charming backyard garden area with a family size picnic table, we were all set to go! I set up outside, simply because the upstairs area where hairstylist Natalie Mcpherson was doing hair, was narrow and already hairspray filled. Not that I don't love coating my lungs in that stuff, but generously given the option to breathe fresh air on a gently breezy summer day, surrounded by birds, bees and flowers, I will always pick the latter!

Megan and her family are a tight-knit unit and everyone was around, including her sisters, parents and her adorable nephews! Warmly welcoming everyone, her mother, excited and joyful, offered us copious amounts of food and drink and we became fast friends!

Celebrating their love with their closest friends and family at the SuperWonder Gallery on Bloor st, this couple really got it right! Wishing you both continued happiness for many years to come!

All makeup by Maya Goldenberg. All hair styled by Natalie Macpherson. Photos courtesy of Megan's neighbor, who happens to also be a photographer!

Maya Goldenberg