Julia and I met through Marie-Eve and Davina, whose weddings I also had the pleasure of doing hair and makeup for in Montreal and Mexico some years ago.  She and her husband Dan were my travel buddies in Mexico during Davina and Daniel's wedding, where Julia's Spanish speaking skills, saved us from going hungry a few times!

Julia and Dan's wedding was special from the get go. Julia told me that Daniel was painting their "ketubah", the jewish marriage contract, which I had up to then, never heard of anyone doing. I have only seen one or two other cases of this happening and I find it v. touching each time. Her sister and mother were also an integral part of her big day and I had the pleasure of meeting them all and seeing them again for Julia's mother's wedding the following winter!

I am so grateful to have met such nice people doing what I do and though I no longer live in Montreal, it's a treat to hear that everyone is happily married with kids and living their dream!

Here are some of my favourite photos by Davina and Daniel of Julia and Dan's wedding!

All hair and makeup by Maya Goldenberg