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Horrible mood swings, headaches, nausea and weepiness once a month? Yeah, me too. My horrible PMS led me to try Chinese herbal tea a few years ago, magnesium supplements more recently..neither of which were v. delicious! With little willpower to drink the horrible tasting stuff, I sort of gave in to being a naaaaaasty woman once a month and trying to avoid social situations (more than usual!) to spare others! Except my family, mwahahaha! ;)
Today, I decided to go buy marjoram essential oil to make a body oil with it, to help ease PMS nausea and cramps. Although this would help a bit, my trusted apothecarist recommended taking VITEX (chasteberry) tincture to get to the heart of the problem and support a natural mode of healing. After making me a do an online test that determined my excessive estrogen levels (very common apparently) to be the likely culprit of my hormonal imbalance and thus, horrible PMS symptoms, she said that since I have worked in toxic perfume and makeup industry for almost 20 years, I came by this innocently enough. Huh? What does one thing have to do with another?
In a nutshell, form the pesticide sprayed food we eat to the tupperware we eat it out of, to the 'air purifiers' and scented soaps in our houses, xeno-estrogens surround us. Makeup and perfume counters, and nail salons and spas are no exceptions either. They don't just stink, they actually can make us sick or adversely affect our physical and mental health. Filled with endocrine disrupting xeno-estrogens- aka non-biodegradable chemicals that mimic our natural hormones and alter them adversely- toxic makeup and ubiquitous synthetic perfumes, nail polishes and face treatments, disrupt the delicate balance of our hormonal system, governed by our pituitary gland. If you think men and children are immune, obviously, you're wrong! But enough about them, more about me!
So i bought the VITEX tincture and googled it the minute I got home. I wonder how this herb affects the endocrine system-if it works best with some other herbs and if there are any contraindications?
Lots of reading to be done on this obviously, but meanwhile, I've found some interesting videos and want to share them, b/c I know that SO MANY women out there suffer with the same if not worse PMS pains and doctors are usually more likely to prescribe 'quick' and v. expensive fixes and drugs that may not examine the problem in a holistic way, which is my preference. I will update about how the vitex worked for me in three months, so check back in.
If you've read till here, I hope this helps you or someone you know suffering from awful PMS or too much estrogen. I also hope it makes EVERYONE weary of synthetic perfumes (in your deoderant, shampoo, body wash, soap etc..) and of course toxic makeup. I'd love to hear from you if you are trying to minimize toxins in your life, from your home to your workplace, your body to your partners, kids, family members etc.. I really believe we can all help each other, it's so easy. Also, if you've taken vitex before or are trying something else (ie: vitex and/ myomin) and have had successful results with treating or at least lessening your PMS symptoms, PLEASE write me.
Stay green, stay clean and remember the planet is an extension of us- so support local, eco-friendly options with your dollars whenever you can. Try to avoid toxic chemical-laden things and learn about the true cost of cheap makeup and cheaper perfumes.
Here are links to some articles and videos I've found helpful so far:
Pliny's Natural History (three books that are like an encyclopedia of the natural world)
John Gray, the author of that Women are From Mars and Men from Venus book (i know, right?!) and ex-monk, actually shed a lot of light on the inner-workings of the hormones and how and why vitex works.
A detailed history of the chaste-berry and how's it been used over millenia:
A DIY chaste berry tincture, though the recipe is not super clear
Curious about how vitex affects fertility? You may want to watch this and read more and consult a professional, board-certified herbalist.
AS always a word of caution: WHEN NOT to take Vitex.
RESEARCH and do the due diligence to figure out what you need. Everybody's different!


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