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Bridal • 28th Aug, 17 • 0 Comments

The #Kortright Conservation Centre is my favourite outdoor, Ontario wedding venue for miles!! Nestled in the protected pines and delicious maple tree forest of the conservation area about an hour's drive north of downtown Toronto, the winding road leading into it only enhances the feeling that one is entering an enchanted forest. Furreals! There may not be any hobbits here (really?!) but the magic and peacefulness of the forest is palpable.

Every time I drive up to the Kortright- wether for their Bridal Open House event, which I've been honoured to be a part of since it's inception, or for a stunning wedding like the one we did there in February earlier this winter, I get giddy. I love my job so much more when I get to do it in natural surroundings with glorious light and fresh air.

Erika's wedding last Friday, was no exception. My hairstylist Maureen and I were so happy to 'forest-bathe' in the pine-scented air on route to the main hall in our #Birkenstocks (we think it's fashionable to be comfy when you stand up all day!), and had a great time getting Erika's party glam! 

Here are some #bts photos of #beforeandafters we did. We can't wait to see her professional photos with everyone in their lovely lilac dresses! Stay tuned!

All makeup by Maya Goldenberg

All hair by Maureen Posadas for Maya Goldenberg Ecobeauty Professional

On location at the Kortright Centre for conservation.





MAUREEN putting the finishing spray on the brides' intricate updo!

A little #BTS photo op with the bride!

The Bride and her best friend/Maid of honour in the gorgeous and surprisingly warm for a sunny but cool autumn day-Glass house, preparing the dinner set-up.



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  • “From the moment I met Maya at the National Bridal Show I knew she would be a blast to work with! It was not only the touch-up she gave my girlfriends and I that impressed me but her overall energy, enthusiasm and kindness. I knew immediately that she would be perfect to help us get ready for the day of. On the day of my wedding Maya and Isabelle showed up with the same energy and enthusiasm...
  • “As a wedding photographer I know the importance of placing your trust in the hands of professionals on your wedding day - and that’s why I just could not imagine my wedding without Maya there to help me look my best! Bringing her to Mexico with me is a decision I am so glad I made. I felt confident and beautiful… and that feeling is just priceless!
    DAVINA PALIK: Award winning Wedding Photographer at, Bride
  • "Maya is the most talented makeup artist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she listen to her clients in terms of what they want and what they are comfortable with, but she lights up the room with her big smile and easy humour. Time with her is like hanging out with a good friend...
    AMANDA EAMAN-CASTLE: Bride and owner of
  • "Maya is a true professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is a master at her craft, listens to her clients, and always goes the extra step. I have never been disappointed with the outcome of her work. I always think of Maya when any event comes up, and recommend her with confidence to friends and family!"
    ESTHER F. Maid of Honour
  • "Maya is the only person who's ever been able to teach me how to actually do my own makeup myself like she had done it for me. The looks she created for me were amazing and diverse, but more important to me was that I could replicate it after she left."
    STEPHANIE S.: Personal client